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STUDIO STANDARD  600€ now 499€

Furnished studio, with private WC, Kitchenette and expenses wifi, water, light included.

*discount will be applied later by the commercial team. Any questions, contact us

modern life and culture in the center

Janelas Verdes smart studios is a typical XVIII century building that was recently converted into 26 modern smart studios totally furbished and fully equipped, maintaining its charming characteristics.

The building has 12 flats with one room and 13 studios, so you can choose which better fits your needs. Furthermore it has common areas inside and a pleasant backyard where you can meet other residents and enjoy the sun or simply make a Sunday barbecue.

You will be located nearby to Cuf Infanto Santo Hospital and in a walking distance to ISA – Instituto Superior de Agronomia, at Tapada da Ajuda, in the amazing botanical park, which is a great privilege.
Besides Tapada da Ajuda, you can also enjoy the magnificent XIX century public garden “Tapada das Necessidades”, located behind the smart studios building.

The accommodation is also placed not far from the fashion complex LX Factory, which is filled with several offices, libraries, shops, and at night is a nightlife hotspot full of restaurants, bars and clubs too.

Last, but not least, you will be in a short walking distance to one of the best hotspots in Lisbon – “Docas de Santo Amaro”, where the terraces facing the marina, the river and the bridge “25 de Abril” create the perfect cosmopolitan spot for the afternoon or night.

Move within the city centre will be no problem, once it is very well served by public transports.

Make a smart choice and enjoy Lisbon

Prior do Crato nº46 a 48
1350-261 Lisboa