Terms and Conditions


1. Nature of the Contract

The contract for the use of Smart Studios cannot be canceled due to the transient characteristic of the applicant’s stay, whose express and informed consent to these terms, is clearly recognized by the signature it places in the contract;

2. Duration of the Contract

The Contract will have a minimum duration of 5 months;

3. Possibility of a New Contract

Smart Studios will give priority, upon availability, to atual users, if they request. For this purpose, they must express their willingness/ interest to hire Smart Studios’ services again, by email (info@studiosstage.smartstudios.pt), before half of the contract expires. The terms of the lease may differ in the new agreement, either in price or in the studio to be occupied (condition which Smart Studios shall confirm in the reply);

4. Provision of Services

The value of the monthly payment includes the cost supply of water, electricity, internet and use of appliances installed in the STUDIOS SMART residencies (fridge, microwave and stove or others not specifically mentioned). The amount payable for the services provided may vary, depending on the surpass of the maximum levels mentioned in the contract;

5. Confirmation of booking, and security deposit

The Accommodation service is only considered effective and valid, and the First Grantor linked, if received in the bank account of KKR IMO S.A (Smart Studios) concerning: i)  security deposit;

6. Payment method

The payment amount required to confirm the reservation should be made by the Second Grantor exclusively, through the payment platform (Visa, Mastercard or Paypal), without costs to the First Grantor;

7. Down-payment refund

The down payment (corresponding to the lease and service provision) may be refunded 75% if the client/applicant cancels the reservation at least 60 days before the start of the contract. The down payment will be refunded in 50% if the client/applicant cancels the reservation at least 30 days before the start of the contract. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the start of the contract, imply in the loss of the down payment;

8. Bank charges

The refund of the down payment, security deposit or any other transfer to the customer implies that the bank charges are always paid by the client;

9. Check-In

The check in can be made later than the date of commencement of the contract, not changing the date confirmed at the time of reservation with the down payment;

10. Security Deposit

The deposit amount to be submitted to Smart Studios is made with the booking confirmation to ensure the repair of any damage in the leased Studio that may be proven of liability (or negligent use) of the client;

11. Commencement of Contract

The commencement of the contract will only be fully confirmed with the pay of the down payment:  the security deposit;

12. Loss of Down Payment

The non-confirmation of the Contract and the impossibility of making the Check-in for reasons related to lack of payment of the security deposit, will cause the client to lose the down payment made for the reservation;

13. Lease and Provision of Services

The lease amount and the provision of services, must be paid until 00:00 of the 8th day of each month (Portuguese Time – GMT). If there is delay in the payment, the base value will suffer a penalty of 50% which can only be regulable within 20 days. If the amount owed is not settled with the respective penalty,
the contract will be terminated, and the client will be unable to access the building.

14. Consequences of non-payment

Failure to pay in accordance with the terms of the agreement gives KKR IMO S.A the possibility of canceling the customer’s access to Studio leased, as well as retain in their custody, existing belongings not removed from the leased property by the client.

15. Using the Studio

The leased Studio can only be used – exclusively – by the client, who cannot assign it or share it, in any way, to third parties, under penalty of immediate termination of the contract and consequent loss of access to the premises.

16. Check-out

The Check-out can be made before the end of the contract, not altering the conclusion date of the Agreement confirmed at the time of check in/down payment or resulting, in any case, refunds or returns.

17. Check-in/out rules

The rules of Check-in and Check-out are those included in this clause and may be changed by the management entity in case of force majeure.
Check-ins and Check-outs will be self-made and it will occur on the following times / days:

a) Self Check-ins: Every day from 15:00pm.
b) Self Check-outs: Every day until 11am.

18. Smart Studios Residence Rules

The resident will be charged € 25 if they lose the studio keys / cards.
If a purposeful move will be needed, Smart Studios will add € 25 to the previous written amount.
In case the garbage is placed unduly, the resident will be charged € 35.
Upon check-out if the studio is in excessively dirty condition, 50 € plus VAT will be charged at the legal rate.

The summary of terms and conditions described herein, does not waive the reading of the draft of the Contract to be celebrated and to be validly signed until the date of Check-in.